DIY Tutu (almost no sew)

My little girls love to play dress up! Especially in dresses, wings, play shoes, tiaras and of course tutus.  My girlfriend made an adorable tutu which she gave to me for my girls.  She told me it was so easy to do, so I had to try it! She was right and never again am I going to buy a play tutu for my girls.  It is basically no sew. The only sewing I did was to join the ends of the elastic waist.  The only needle I could find in my house was one for a complimentary sewing kit I got in a hotel, and it was fine!  I bought my tulle at a local fabric store and found it in the bridal section, I also got my elastic from there as well.

My mom thought this would also be a great for a birthday party craft for girls that are a bit older.  What girl wouldn’t want to bring home a tutu from a party!  All you would need to do is have the tulle cut ahead of time.

What you will need is:

2-6 metres of tulle depending on size of waist  – I used 4m for the one I made in this post and it was already “doubled” for me.

elastic – for the waist band

a needle

little bit of thread



1. Cut tulle into 2-3 inch strips.  I do not have the ability to cut tulle very straight, but it doesn’t matter for these. I also folded my tulle in half and then half again until the cut I had to make was not very big, this saved me a bunch of time.image

2. Measure the length of the elastic for the size waist you want to make, then take away about an inch.  By the time you are finished the elastic may have loosened and you don’t want to tutu to fall off you child. Sew the ends of the elastic to make a circle.


3. I like to put the elastic around a big book to make it easier to work with.  Sorry, the book I used is not the best for pictures.


4. Take one strip of tulle,folded in half, put it under the elastic so a loop is at the top and make a slipknot.

image image

5. I did 2 strips of light pink and 2 strips of a darker pink.   You can do it in any pattern with any colours you like.


6. Just keep repeating until the elastic is full!  The tighter you do the knots the fuller and fluffier the tutu will be.

7. This in when you can cut the pieces of tulle to whatever length you want the tutu to be.

8. Play and have fun!!!


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