Bath time fun!

On a rainy day, or snowy in my case, when I don’t always know what to do with my kids, giving them a bath is one of my go to activities. My kids just so happen to love bath time and I love having them clean do this is a win win situation! By the time I get them in and washed then dried and dressed it easily can fill an hour of the day, maybe longer on days I do this with them! Then on evenings when they normally would have had their bath, we have more family time to hang out.
I had seen this “shaving cream paint” idea before on other sites and thought I would try it out for myself just to switch things up from the regular boats, mermaids and duckies my kiddos normally play with in the tub.
This was a huge success!!!
The only minor set-back I had was that my youngest girl tried to eat some when I first started to let them play. To her defense, I did mix the colour and shaving cream in a muffin pan and when the “paint” was done it sorta did resemble really fluffy colourful whipped cream. Needless to say, she didn’t eat any more after her first taste.
I was delighted to see my lessons in colour mixology paid off as my older daughter was mixing the blue and yellow to see if it really made green!!! This would have been a great activity to teach mixing colours in the first place!
I made too much this time and a probably didn’t need to fill all 12 spots, it goes a lot further then I anticipated. Good to know for next time.
As far as how my tub faired after this, I am not sure if my tub got cleaned in the process but it definitely wasn’t any worse. No hints of blue or green left behind!
I have to mention that I have nothing against red or all the colours that can be made with red. When I decided to do this activity I had forgotten I had used all my red colouring last time I made icing! So in the pictures I have lots of shades of blues, greens and yellows.
Another quick piece if advice, if you are opting just use your husbands shaving cream, just make sure it is cream! The first time I was going to make this I thought I was saving myself a trip to the store by just using my husbands, and it turns out he uses shaving gel. And of course I realized this after already filling up the tub. At least I was keeping this as a bath time surprise and my kids weren’t expecting it for that bath!
Hope your kids have as much fun as mine did!

Shaving cream
Muffin pan or any type of container really
Food colouring



1. Fill muffin tin with shaving cream and desired colours. You only need a few drops of colour. Add more for brighter colours. Mix it up!


2. Go give your kids , or yourself for that matter, a bath.


3. Have fun!

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