Springtime craft

I am not sure about at your house, but around here we are ready for spring! So I thought I would do a craft with the kids that would hopefully hurry spring along, or at the least make a bit of spring for ourselves.
Although my children are close in age, they have very different abilities when it comes to crafts and their motorskills. It can be a challenge to find activities that a per-schooler and a toddler can both do at the same time. This craft, coffee filter butterflies, is a perfect one that they both enjoyed doing. As long as your child can colour with markers, you will be able to make these with them.
My kids love seeing their butterflies on the window, especially when it sunny, in the morning. Starts our day off cheery!

Coffee filters – I used 2 cone filters per butterfly
Washable markers
Pipe cleaners
Water in a spray bottle


1. Have kids colour the coffee filters. The more colours the better!


2. Once the coffee filters are coloured, spray them completely so the marker “bleeds” together making a watercolour effect.


3. The filters now need to dry. This is when I had a snack time for the kids!

4. Once dried, cut 2 of the closed edges, so that the filter can be opened like wings.


5. Pinch the middle of the “wings” together. Do 2 filters per butterfly. Take a pipe cleaner and bend it in half. Use this as the body of the butterfly, attach the wings by twisting the pipe cleaner.



6. We made little faces out of paper and hot glued them on for a touch of added cuteness!

7. Finished! We put ours on a window, but I think they would be nice for a mobile or to add some colour to a playroom wall as well!



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