Why Mommy?

A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer. ~ Author Unknown

The ability that a child has to learn language is an amazing thing and the anticipation of hearing your child’s first word is so exciting. Regardless of whether it is the first or fourth child, that first word is precious. Is it going to be mama or dada? Maybe it will be the dog’s name. Whatever the word may be, it is such a fun and rewarding time when those first words are said. Soon there comes a moment when a parent realizes once their child starts to talk, they generally don’t stop. Shortly after that moment, your child is bound to learn every parents “favourite” word… Why?
On one hand it’s a sign your toddler is developing and being curious but on the other hand if you weren’t already exhausted, answering that simple 3 letter word is bound to exhaust you. Try not to get irritated, your little one is learnin
To get through this, I suggest you make the most out of it because I have not yet reached the end of the why phase and to be honest, I do not see an end in sight. When you hear people say things along the lines of when you live with a toddler, you play 20 questions a million times a day, I speak from experience that it is only a slight exaggeration.
Ella started to ask why shortly before her 2nd birthday and she hasn’t stopped since. She will be 4 in a few months. Sure, it has turned into full sentences, but it is why all the same.
To make this time a bit easier, my husband and I play the why game. Ella ultimately decides who wins, mind you, she does not know she is even playing. Basically, whoever is able to have the longest conversation with our daughter with her asking why is the winner.
A typical game goes like this:
Ella: Why is that car blue?
Me :Those people wanted a blue car
E: Why do they want a blue car?
Me: They like the colour blue
E: Why do they like blue?
Me: Because it’s a nice colour.
E: oh ok
Then the game ends, but not for long. Within minutes, she will ask another why question, and my husband will have his turn seeing how long the conversation will go. It’s our competitive nature that allows us to actually enjoy answering why over and over and over again.
As she is getting older, her questions are becoming more intelligent. I encourage her to think and try to answer her own questions by turning it around and asking her why. If she doesn’t know, I do give her an answer yet there are times I don’t know the answer either. This is when I am glad that things like google are right at my finger tips. She loves finding answers now as much as she likes asking the questions. I must say, I have learned a lot too!
My second child just started to say why, but she is not really interested is waiting for my answer. I do wonder why of all the words out ther, why enters the vocabulary quite early. Is it just an “easy” way to get attention? Is it something she hears a lot in my conversations? Does she know what it means? I am not sure. I personally believe it is a stepping stone to conversation, an early desire to engage in conversation even though she doesn’t have words to follow though and a really good sign that she is right on track! And hopefully Ella had learned enough to answer some of her sister’s question for me.


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