Easy stencil artwork for kids

I am always looking for activities that will keep my kids busy, that they’ll love to do and is hands on. This craft lets them get creative with paint and have a really cute personalized finish project.
I used their names as my stencil, they happen to have short names and we were using small canvases. A big canvas with Family would be sweet to all do together too, I might do that next time! We are hanging these on the girls’ door as name signs.

Painters tape



1. Cut strips of painters tape for making the letters of your desired word. Tape letters onto the canvas to spell the desired word.



2. Have kids paint all over the canvas covering up the letters.



3. Let the paint dry. Perfect time for a snack!

4. Once paint is dry, remove the tape and enjoy the beautiful artwork!



2 thoughts on “Easy stencil artwork for kids

  1. I love these, what a terrific idea! My daughter will certainly want to create her own personalized artwork for her room. I will be following along to see what you are up to and would like to invite you to check out my blog of kids’ projects etc. if you have the time and interest. Have a wonderful day!

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