Messy Morning

I knew it was going to be a messy kinda day when Anna decided to first mix her juice with her Cheerios and then a dump it on the floor. That’s ok I thought, just a little mess not going to let it stress me out. That was cleaned up, I was finally going to sit down, feed Wesley his breakfast and drink my coffee, believe it or not it was still hot, usually it has to be microwaved at least once before I get to drink it.
Before even having one sip of java and before Wesley even got a taste of breakfast, Anna started pulling at her diaper.
Anna is 22 months and every once in a while she likes to pee on the potty, even though we haven’t officially begun potty training. So I was not surprised when after signalling she needed her diaper changed, instead of letting me put her in new diaper she jumped up, (I was changing her on the floor) and ran over to the potty and peed. Good girl! She refused her diaper and put her pj pants on. Hmmmm, maybe she just toilet trained herself… That would be awesome. I was already thinking about all the money saved being down to just child in diapers. With a grin on my face, I sat down and had a few sips of coffee. Wesley still sitting patiently in his highchair, smiled when he saw me pick up his spoon to feed him.
This next part comes with a warning. Those with weak stomachs may not want to continue.
That blissful sip of coffee was followed by a high pitched squeal that can only be produced by a girl toddler. It is 10x worse then nails on a chalkboard and so high pitched that I am surprised the neighbourhood dogs didn’t start howling.
It was Anna. There is no nice way to say this, she had pooped in her pants. This might be too graphic, but you know how there can be “clean” poops and “messy” ones. Well, this was a messy one. It was sliding down her leg and appearing at her ankles. ugh, she was just on the potty!
Trying not get upset and without missing a beat, I jumped up, scooped Anna up by the arm pits and ran her upstairs. I stood her in the tub and began to carefully, with the precision of a surgeon, remove her pjs. This while trying not to vomit. Lets be honest, even if it from your precious little munchkin, poop is poop and there are few things worse then getting it on you.
Anna is now cleaned and in a diaper. The tub is scrubbed down. The pjs and the towel I wrapped them up in to transport to the laundry room are now in the washer. Wesley is fed and instead of microwaving my coffee I figured I deserved a fresh pot. All this and the day has barely begun.
I am not sure why I trusted my 22 month old not to be in her diaper, I guess it was a bit of wishful thinking. The reality is it will probably happen again (many times) when we really get potty training, this is just one if the many joys of being a parent.
One of these days I will get my hot cup of coffee but until then I will drink my lukewarm coffee and enjoy every morning I have with my kids, poop and all. As the saying goes, but maybe not as politely, Poop happens!

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