DIY Castle Made From Toilet Paper Rolls

Most little girls love princesses and my 2 are no exception! They love all things princess and definitely have their own favourite princesses, but my favourite is Cinderella. And since I’m the mommy and generally get to decided what we do each day, I decided we were going to make a Cinderella Castle modelled after the one and only castle in Disney World!

All we needed was toilet paper rolls, a marker, tape and we used some blue paper as well.
I covered the rolls and box in white paper and drew windows and bricks with a marker. For the tops of the turrets, I made cones out of blue paper. The taller turrets are just stacked rolls taped together. Tape them all together and ta-da an easy DIY castle! You could do any design, just get creative. For a more medieval castle, you could use more black, and instead of cones on top, cut out notches in the to of the rolls.
My 2 girls loved playing with the castle with their princess dolls and I loved making a craft out of items we already had in the house! Hopefully this holds them over till we make that first magically trip to Disney to see the real one!


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