Plastic Egg Games

Hard to believe that another Easter weekend has come and gone! The eggs have been found and almost all the chocolate eaten, I admit mostly by me and hopefully spring will show up and stick around for a while. While we are waiting for nice enough weather to spend most of our days outside, I have been browsing Pinterest and other blogs (there are a lot of good ones put there) for indoor activities.
Here are a couple of toddler tested and approved educational ones that use those plastic eggs left over from Easter.

1. Number Matching


1. Write a number on half the egg and the corresponding number of dots on the other half of the egg.
2. Take the eggs apart, mix them up and have your toddler match the eggs.

2. Memory Matching Game


1. I put the plastic eggs in an egg carton, an easy way to make them stand.
2. Find little objects that fit into the eggs, 2 of each object.
3. Close the eggs, mix them up, take turns opening eggs looking for a match!


Have fun learning!

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