Let’s Learn Numbers – With An Egg Carton!

My oldest daughter, not quite 4 yet, can count really well. She loves counting and she loves numbers. I have noticed though she doesn’t necessary know numbers in sequence unless she starts at “one”. So I needed to come up with an activity that would help her with this.
As I was making eggs for breakfast, I was about to throw the egg carton into the recycling bin and it came to me I could recycle it in a different way… Use it for my numbers game!

I cut up the individual egg compartments, wrote a number on each one from 0-9 and since it was an 18 count carton I made duplicates of 1-7.
We used these numbers in more ways the I realized we would:
-I mixed them all up and had her put them in order.
-I would take 2 numbers, eg 7 and 9 and have her find the number to fill in the “blank”.
– Ask her which pieces she needed to make numbers in the teens or twenties.
-Stack them in random order and have her say the number as we took them off the stack.

We could have kept going but she was getting a bit “numbered” out.

Later in the day the most precious thing happened. Ella, the one that was practicing her numbers, asked her little sister, who is almost 2, if she wanted to play school. Ella would be the teacher, and she was going to teach Anna numbers. It didn’t last too long, and eventually the egg cartons became blocks for making “wobbly” towers, but it was so sweet to watch.

It’s great being able to use items that are found around the house that would have been thrown away and use them in creative and educational ways because we all know that kids get bored or break even the most expensive toys.



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