Teething Troubles

Drooling, grumpiness, rash, lack of appetite,inflamed gums, can’t sleep, crying, and the “signs of teething” list goes on…

Teething seems to be one of life’s necessary evils. We all want our babies to get teeth, we are so proud to show them off (especailly the first 2) when they break though, but we hate to see our little ones in such pain and discomfort. I have talked to many of my friends that are first time mommies and often they are surprised at how bad and how long teething is.

First, my youngest his first 2 teeth a few days before he was 4 months. And had 6 teeth by 7 months. What fun, I get to deal with teething fairly early! I haven’t even finished with the teething stage for my middle child (2yr molars coming) and I get to jump into it with another one. In hind sight, maybe some of those sleepless nights at the beginning were the start of teething and not just a newborn adjusting to life on the outside. But it does seem that as soon as a baby starts to sleep though the night, that is when then teeth are going to make their very uncomfortable appearance.

People have many ways soothing their babies and helping them cope with teething, I will share a few of the ways that I am currently trying to help my wee babe.

Amber Teething Necklace
Let me be the first to admit, I was and still a bit skeptical about the Amber teething necklace. I never even heard if it before my youngest was born, but now I notice them in a lot of babies. My sister told me about them and I thought I would give it a shot! It is a necklace made of Baltic amber that the baby wears all the time. At first I was taking it off at night, but even at night I leave it on now. Each bead is knotted individially so if it does happen to break only one bead falls off, and the clasp is plastic and opens with pressure. Amber is a natural way to help inflammation and relieve pain. Have your little one wear it under their clothes, so it warms up against the body. The necklace is very lightweight and I don’t think he even notices it. Some claim it is magic, I don’t know if I would go that far, but I do feel like it has helped and don’t want to risk taking it off him! I bought mine online, but they are at most baby boutiques now.

Let Them Chew!
Since my little guy is eating solids, I like to let him chew in frozen fruit. For this I use a feeding mesh. Basically a netting you fill, put on a handle and let them gnaw away! Because it is a fine netting no big chunks get out.
In the same thinking, you can wet a wash cloth, knot it, freeze it and let them get some relief that way.
Good teething toys to chew help them get some if that feistiness out too!

I have found rubbing his gums helps, just be prepared to be chomped on, especially if other teeth already in but after a few moments they’ll generally just let you rub them.
Baby Tylenol is a go to of mine for especially challenging nights. I prefer more natural methods, but sometimes we both just need some sleep!
I have heard from moms that breast feed that feeding can help soothe as well. Rocking my guy helps soothe him too.

You’ll miss that gummy smile but a toothy one is just as cute! Hope some of these ideas help. Good luck!!


3 thoughts on “Teething Troubles

      1. Ooops, they are beads. I can’t remember who made them but they were at the drugstore in a bottle that looked similar to an aspirin bottle. Teeny little beads that you would load into a medicine spoon and mix a few drops of water. Worked miracles for Jp and he was a tough customer when it came to teething. 🙂

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