A Perfect Parent?

“There is no such thing as a perfect parent so just be a real one.” ~ Sue Atkins

I have to remember this quote. It’s so easy to try to be “perfect” but really it seems it’s a losing battle. I look at sites like pinterest and see people making perfect snacks, planning perfect birthday parties, using perfect parenting methods, creating perfect crafts and the list goes on and on. Sometimes I wonder how these mom and dads do it!
I can be my worst critic and feel like I am not as devoted to my kids as some other parents are when I start comparing. Then I wonder, are they trying to impress their kids or other parents? Are my kids missing out if I don’t do things perfect all the time? Or will I be missing out trying to make things perfect all the time?
I don’t want to knock those very talented parents that seem to have the Midas touch and really do enjoy doing all those things with their kids. Kudos to them! It just isn’t me.
Sometimes I yell, sometimes they probably watch to much tv and not every meal is perfectly balanced. That’s ok.
I love spending time being creative and trying new things with my kids but need to remember to be myself and encourage my kids to do the same, imperfections and all.
I am convinced that in my kids eyes I am a perfect parent and isn’t that what really counts?


2 thoughts on “A Perfect Parent?

  1. i think when they are less than perfect, they usually don’t pin it on pinterest and etc. i am not a mom and i don’t usually comment but i love your blog coz it’s real – btw, love the tutus you made awhile back so keep doing what you are doing! *hug*

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