No, You Can Not Have Smarties For Breakfast


My daughter cried and cried and cried this morning. She wasn’t hurt. Her sister didn’t take her toy. She had full-out, lying on the ground, tears streaming down the face, feet kicking the floor, 2-year-old meltdown because she wanted Smarties for breakfast. If you aren’t familiar with Smarties, here in Canada they are small candy coated chocolates, similar I guess to M&Ms. Very addictive and perfect for teaching kids sorting by colours!
Now most mornings, my little Anna usually sits happily at the kitchen table and eats whatever I give her for breakfast. Because she is generally not a picky eater, the morning tantrum was particularly hurtful as I had a few extra minutes and made them blueberry pancakes from scratch (sounds more impressive than it is, will blog the recipe another day) topped with more blueberries and a dollop of whipped cream!
If it wasn’t for the other 2 kids eagerly eating away, I might have taken this meltdown as a personal attack on my cooking and a sign she prefers boxed cereal.
I give in more often than I probably should to my kids, but this wasn’t going to be one of those times. I sat at the table with the others and tried to enjoy my coffee while she screamed and kicked it out. I am happy to announce my persistence paid off and I actually won this battle!
She got up off the floor and tried to catch her breath and her composure. With her shoulders slightly slouched she walked over to the table. She knew she had lost this one. I gave her a little hug and placed her in front of her pancakes.
It turned out to be a nice breakfast. All 3 kids ate everything and I got to drink my coffee while it was still hot which is a rarity around here.
After the plates were cleared and the littles hands and faces were washed, I felt a little tug at my leg.
I looked down and my little drama queen was looking ever so cute and with a little pout said, “Smarties? Please mama?”
What was I to do? I said “Ok Sweetheart, but only because you ate your pancakes and said please.”
Maybe she had won this battle after all.

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