Tissue Paper Craft – Flowers!

It seems that these days, whether it be for birthdays, Christmas or any other occasion where gifts are given, there are always plenty of presents in gift bags topped with tissue paper. Sometimes the decorative paper is worth keeping to re-use for another gift other times the kids have gone to town on it and it becomes nothing more than scrap paper that seems to be good for nothing but filling up the recycling bin.  At occasions when my sister was present, she would often keep the tissue and explain she would drop it off at her daughter’s daycare for crafts. Realizing that there were alternative options then just tossing the left over tissue, I started to save mine as well.

For this craft, we decided to make flowers, but butterflies, rainbows or any number of things found in nature would be perfect for this craft as well.


Tissue Paper


Construction Paper

Brushes for glue


Instructions (So Easy!)

– Squish up small square pieces of tissue, we had to rip up some of the larger pieces. This alone took up at least 10 minutes!

– Draw the shape that you want to make onto the construction paper. I cut out the shape and let my daughter trace it to practice her tracing skills.


– Let the kids use the brushes to paint glue on the shape. Resist the urge to do it for them, they need the practice!


– Put the squished up tissue paper on the gluey areas anyway they want.  My youngest was quite random with her pieces but I was determined to practice self-control and let her do it however she wanted. My older daughter was much more methodical with her placement.


– Once the kids were satisfied with their tissue paper pictures, we cut them out to make a larger picture with them on a large bristol board.


Might not be a masterpiece to you but I think it’s beautiful! The kids had lots of fun making it, there was very little mess to clean up and it got them being creative together despite their age difference. They used fine motor skills, imagination and teamwork. And even if this art does see the recycling bin one day, at least the tissue paper was used one more time to make something charming. I see at lot more crafts with tissue paper in our future!

imageTissue Paper Craft image


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