Let’s do this again.

I can’t believe it’s mid-January!  I took a summer break from the blog that apparently stretched right through fall and into the winter and I am happy to be back at the keyboard again.

Pretty much Summer was great, went camping, school started, ate to much on Thanksgiving, broke a finger, had a great time trick or treating, spent too much on Christmas, rang in a new year and had a lot of fun in between.  All that was missing was me writing about it all.

I won’t even attempt to cover all the topics and activities I thought about writing about in the last few months, there is just too much.  So as it’s a new year, I will start fresh and  just jump back into it again.

Things are a bit quieter around here, as my oldest started kindergarten in September and is loving it.  She has really has embraced school and I can see her  joy of learning being nourished.  Most days she comes home excited about what she has learned and eager to “teach” her younger siblings.  Also, her teacher does some really great crafts and activities that I am able to modify and then do at home with my 2 younger kids,  Thanks Mr. M! I am sure you’ll see some crafts and activities on her soon that are inspired by her teacher.

So that’s it for now. Wanted to let you know, I although I was gone for a bit, I am am back and ready to be back at it again.

Oh yeah, Happy New Years! Hope you haven’t broken your resolutions yet…  we’re only a couple weeks in to the new year!

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