He climbs – so I let him…sorta. DIY Learning tower

My youngest, a 17 month old boy, who has been walking since 10 months, is a handful! I always thought my 2 girls had lots of energy, but he on a whole new level and has such a curious mind.  I watch him push chairs to help him climb on top of things and use drawers as steps, he really wants to know what is on counter tops and what I am doing while standing at the counter. I am always foiling his plans, and putting him back on the floor, at which time he is tugging, rather strongly, at my leg wanting “up”. My left arm and hip seem to be constantly in use, and he is not a light boy. All that being said,  I am so glad a stumbled upon this blog and found the “learning tower”- basically it is a stool for little ones with railings!  She is even has the dimensions for all the pieces in her comments section of her post.   The best part – the base is an Ikea, already assembled (shocking I know!) step stool! You can see the stool here .

I thought this would be the perfect project for my Dad, who enjoys (I think) building and making things, to make as a Christmas gift for Wesley.  I sent him the link and he came through and made a wonderful tower for my son.  I am not sure if my Dad followed the dimensions on link or not, but it came out great. 

 Wesley, loves the tower. As soon as he saw it, he climbed up and gave the biggest smile. A whole new world was now available to him.

Often, the first thing he does in the morning when he is brought down from he room is push the tower right beside me as I am making breakfast or school lunch.  When I am washing dishes he is right there beside me , gotta teach them young!   I can use the sink for water play, have him interacting while we are cooking and baking.  And often it just allows me to use both hands as so many times I am holding him anyway. The rare time that I am in the kitchen and he is not using it, probably because he is napping, my middle child gets a turn being up high with me.  I will say she does do a bit more “helping” then my son does.

We have had a few friends over with kids around the same age, and they are immediately drawn to the tower and know exactly what it is for! I highly recommend making one, or getting that handy person in your life to make one for you.

love being up here
love being up here
helping mommy wash dishes
helping mommy wash dishes



Hope you try it and your little one loves it as much as mine do.

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