There Was 10 In The Bed And The Little One Said….

Okay, ten is an exaggeration, I still have just 3 kids, but when they all climb into my bed in the morning, it sometimes feels like ten. The three of them have no problem stampeding into my room, climbing up and making themselves comfortable… and usually making my husband and I very uncomfortable. Their cute “good morning mommy and daddy” greeting does take the sting away of the somewhat rude awakening, but then the bickering of who snuggles where and who gets what pillow etc, is the sign it’s time for me to get up and start the day. Kinda like how the rest of the children’s song, where the little one says roll over roll over, they all roll over, but instead of 1 falling out, it would end with and two fall out.  Those two being my husband and I .

The thing is, usually as soon as I or my husband are out of the bed, the kids no longer have any interest of being in the bed.  But you know where they want to be?  In the bathroom. They insist I need company as I am trying to wipe the sleep out of my eyes and attempt to make myself look at least a little put together in the few minutes I have before packing lunches, dressing kids and getting them out the door.  I guess I should take it as a compliment really, they just can not get enough of me.

On the weekends, we do try our hardest to convince the kids to lie down, close their eyes and fall back asleep… but who are we kidding, it has never happened before and I would bet it will never happen in the future, but we will still try because hey, you never know! Honestly, I think it’s mainly the size of the bed, we are in a queen. It’s big enough for my husband and I , and quite frankly if just 1 child snuggled in I am sure we could make it work. It’s when the whole kit and caboodle is trying to find an acceptable spot, (and did I mention the dog usually joins in too) it’s just not big enough, no matter how much we love each other.

As I see it, there are a couple of options. First, I could lock the door.  This would result in endless banging and probably crying until I got up and opened it anyway.  Possibly even having to replace the door – my kids don’t give up easily. Probably not the best option. Second, I could just get up earlier by setting an alarm clock and avoid the whole morning ordeal. Also, not a great option as I have yet to find an alarm that I would rather wake up too, and also get up earlier? No thanks.  My third option is lock the kids in their room. There are many things wrong with that, also refer to why option 1 is bad.  That leaves me with Option Four, get a bigger bed.  This is definitely the best option. More room for everyone, I don’t have to lock myself or my kids in their rooms and I still avoid the dreaded alarm clock.  The best thing about Option 4, I still get a least a little cuddle in the morning with the kids which really is the best way to start the day.

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