Cute Valentine’s Wreath

My girls love crafts! It doesn’t matter the occasion, but I find I am always a little more crafty around holidays.  I can spend lots of time browsing Pinterest finding sweet crafts to make with my kids and what is sweeter than a cute Valentine’s craft.

This one requires a little prep, but so easy and the finished product is so worth the effort!

What you need:

-2 bowls of different sizes for your wreath template.

– piece of cardboard, big enough to trace the large bowl on

– red, pink and white paper (I used construction paper for the red and pink and just grabbed some paper from my printer for the white)

– ribbon

– glue

– scissors

– marker




How you do it:

Trace the bowls on the cardboard and make a round template for the wreath.  Cut it out.

IMG-20140205-00030 IMG-20140205-00031 IMG-20140205-00032

Make a whole in the top and attach the ribbon using a simple knot.  I pushed the knot to the back and cut the extra long pieces so they didn’t pop out from behind the wreath.


Cut out lots of hearts, and if your child is like mine where she thinks more is more, then cut out even more hearts! Fold a piece of the paper and cut half a heart. It’s nice when there is a bit of a cease, it gives some dimension to the wreath.  Don’t worry about trying to make them the same size, I loved the mixture of sizes.

IMG-20140205-00034 IMG-20140205-00035

I showed my daughter how to put glue on the cardboard circle and put a heart on it. Then it was all up to her! I will admit I coached her in not putting them upside down and to spread them out all over the circle, but for the most part, she picked which heart to put where. Overlapping is great so that the cardboard is not seen.

IMG-20140205-00036 IMG-20140205-00037

Isn’t it so sweet? I know when my oldest gets home from school, she’s going to want to make one too! I think these are going to be their Grandmas’ valentines this year!

Love is in the air, and I hope you feel it too !



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