One Pound At A Time.

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I recently finished a 12 week weight loss challenge in my community. I have more energy to play with my kids and I feel so much better than I do before starting. My husband was thinking about selling our barely used treadmill a few months ago, but now I am running on it while watching The Biggest Loser instead of sitting on the couch eating chips and dips talking about how I should work out while I watch.   I really needed to stop using the busyness of life and my 3 three kids as an excuse for my unhappiness about being lazy and not losing the pounds that I have been carrying around for too long. I don’t think I could call the baby weight, baby weight anymore.

Most of us, at some point in our life has probably wanted to lose some weight, get healthier and look better. The formula is quite simple, really we just have to eat better and move more. Then why do so many of us fail? Most likely because although it’s simple it’s not easy. In fact it’s really hard, and even harder to do it on your own.  Luckily for me and other women in my community, a trainer and mother of two, saw a need for a group that could motivate and help us all achieve our weight loss and fitness goals. Her name is Kim Keller. Kim decided a challenge was needed and The group One Pound At A Time was born on Facebook. She advertised the 12 week weight loss challenge through mom and business pages on Facebook and through word-of-mouth. I recruited a friend and quickly signed up.  I really was going to put in the time and sweat it took and having a friend with me kept me focused. We confessed our “food sins” and celebrated each pound lost (or gained and re-lost) together.

It is my competitive side that first made me join the group. The winner got a great prize including a makeover and training sessions, but I think if you asked anyone who participated, we all were winners. We could all see results on the scale, I myself lost over 20 pounds in the 12 weeks of the challenge, but the bigger accomplishments were not scale related.  As a collective group we felt stronger, looked better, had more energy. We had expanded our social circle with people who understood the challenge of weight loss. The group had turned into so much more than some women working out and competing together. We shared recipes, scale and none scale successes and encouraged each other to keep at it. Although the challenge ended the group did not.  I don’t know how much weight the whole group lost, but it must have been a lot! I know myself and at least three other women lost around 13% of our body weight, and the winner lost an impressive 18% of her starting weight.

Kim offered free group training sessions during the week where she and her sister introduced us to bodyweight exercises needing no equipment as well as ones that involved weights. She ran a nutrition lesson, posted recipes and daily encouragements on Facebook and gave us as much motivation and butt-kicking as we could handle. Kim has a way of motivating and encouraging people, to meet you at your level, exercise with you and make you believe in yourself as much as she believes in you. This combination of a great trainer and a strong group of motivated women really made this challenge such a success.

If you are on a journey to lose weight or just get healthier, then I really think that having a support system may help you. I think that is part of the reason so many people do really well with Weight Watchers.  It doesn’t have to be through a challenge or a reality television show, it could be a friend, spouse or a Facebook group!  Better yet, if you can, find a trainer you mesh with. I also found there are tons of home workouts on the web I can do after I put the kids to bed. I am finding the time, even with my 3 kids, to put in the work because it feels amazing to be stronger, healthier and happier. It also doesn’t hurt that my jeans fit better too! 

One day I will post some “before” and “after” pictures, but until then I will keep moving, keep sweating and keep checking in with those also on this journey!


If you live in the GTA and want to know more about Kim Keller she can be found at and on Facebook at Brooklin Fit Moms group.

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