A craft based on the book: The Biggest Valentine Ever

Another Valentine’s day craft!  My girls love pink and red, hearts and roses and let’s not forget the chocolate! So this holiday really is perfect for making crafts with little girls
(and of course boys too)!

I recently ordered a Valentine’s day book, The Biggest Valentine Ever written by Steven Kroll, from my daughter’s Scholastic program at her school.  Honestly, I didn’t know the book or what it was about, other than of course Valentine’s, but being a children’s book, I figured the plot wouldn’t be that deep and me reading reviews about it wasn’t necessary.  What really nice Valentine’s book it turned out to be! Basically it’s a story about 2 little mice friends making a valentine for their teacher together. In the book, the mice learn about sharing ideas and collaboration, using their creative skills to work together on the making the valentine.


There are cute detailed illustrations, one of them being the finished valentine the friends have made for their teacher, Mrs. Mousely.  I thought this would be the perfect craft to make together after reading the story to my kids.

What You Need:

  • red and pink construction paper
  • glitter
  • glue
  • marker
  • A copy of the book The Biggest Valentine Ever by Steven Kroll (check your library!)

How To Do It

Ideally, you have started by reading the book with your kids, so you know the instructions are right there in the story!  But just in case you didn’t…

-Cut different sized hearts out of the construction paper, to make the piece of the mouse. I showed my daughter where the pieces went before I let her glue them together.IMG-20140211-00010 IMG-20140211-00012

-start decorating the more with more little hearts and if you are brave and don’t mind a little sparkly mess, let your little one add glue to areas and use glitter!


-draw on an eye and a little mouth and voila a cute simple valentine mouse!

Whitby-20140211-00018 Whitby-20140211-00017

My little Anna got a little scratch from her baby brother, but so cute and proud of her craft none the less!

Happy Valentine’s!


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