Please Excuse My Potty Mouth

The title should really read Please Excuse My Child’s Potty Mouth. I just don’t get it, what is the deal with 4 yr olds and loving the word poop? My daughter is in her first year of kindergarten and honestly, I really wasn’t expecting my darling daughter to entertained by “bathroom” talk. Was I naive to think it was a boy thing?  I know she plays with the boys, so maybe they are still to blame… Regardless of why or how it started, nothing gets my kids going more right now than poop. Once my daughter utters this 4-letter word, the other 2 think she is just the funniest girl on the planet (which honestly, she might be). We can be getting ready to go out and I’ll say, “Ok kids, get your boots on,” to which she replies, “You mean get our poops on?” Cue 3 kids laughing hysterically and a voice in my head reminding me not to laugh along. I love that she is silly, has a sense of humour and doesn’t take life to seriously (I mean, she is only 4), but when is this poop stage going to end?  Probably just in time for my second darling daughter to enter it followed closely by my youngest, so I am looking at years. But let’s not stop at her just saying poop as many times as she can, I should mention the joy it brings her to change words of songs and sing them loudly at home, in the car, at the mall, and probably at school.

It isn’t that I want you to have these songs stuck in your head, but I have been humming them for days and I wouldn’t mind the company. I thought hearing Let It Go (from Disney’s Frozen) fifty times in a row was annoying until she got these versions of kids songs in my head! Not to mention it’s slightly embarrassing when I catch myself singing them out loud.

For instance, forget a farm, did you know Old MacDonald had a poop?

Old MacDonald had a poop, eieio
And on that poop he had a poop, eieio
With a poop poop here and a poop poop there, 
Here a poop, there a poop everywhere a poop poop.

 Or how about this lovely version of This Old Man?

This Old Man, He played poop , he played poop poop on his poop
With a knick-knack paddy-wack give a dog a poop 
This old man came pooping home

Fantastic right?  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t laughing a little while typing out the lyrics. They are ridiculous.

I admit most of the time it takes everything I have to not laugh along with the rest of them. The sheer silliness of it all makes it hard to resist letting a giggle out. I do my best to remind myself that if I give her my audience then she will keep performing for me. Alas, she will have her best audience in her younger siblings and her classmates, so really, I might as well let that giggle out. 

I shouldn’t be surprised though, she’s never been shy about poop. Let’s face it, for the first few years of her life I’ve been talking openly about poop to her (and the other kids too)… do you have a poopy diaper, do you have to go poop, have you pooped today?  Maybe I am to blame for part of the problem!  After she’s been in the washroom for a while, it’s not unusual to hear her yell, Hey Daddy, you gotta check this out! and low and behold she wants him to look at what could be one of the Cullinan Diamonds of poop.

I think I will just have to accept that poop humour is probably going to be a daily part of my life for the next few years, that’s if they ever outgrow it. Oh well, everybody does it, why not laugh about it!

Take care of yourself, and I hope you have a regular day! (sorry, I couldn’t resist.)


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