Paper Roll Butterfly

I have made butterfly crafts with my kids before and we love to make things out of toilet paper rolls and boxes, so for this craft we combined our affinity for butterflies and reusing paper rolls.


All you need

  • heavy paper
  • paper roll
  • pipe cleaner
  • marker or pen
  • glue
  • clothes pin (optional)

How to do it

Fold the paper in half and draw the shape of butterfly wings, cut it out.  I let my oldest practice her cutting skills, but did the cutting for my other daughter.

Decorate the wings and body.  We used glued on polka dots cut from paper, but scissors or colouring would be fun too!


Wrap the paper roll in paper and glue it on.  Attach the pipe cleaner at the top for antennae, don’t forget to give them a little curl at the top!  Draw on eyes and a mouth and now you are ready to attach the roll to the wings!

Whitby-20140221-00047 Whitby-20140221-00045

Once the glue dried on the body, I thought it would be nice to attach a clothes pin and let the butterfly rest on flowerpots and wherever else it could clip!



Have fun and see how creative your little ones can get!



6 thoughts on “Paper Roll Butterfly

      1. We made these last night and hung them in our window overlooking our herb garden. Such a super cute and fun, easy project. I’m afraid to say that my little one proceeded to rip the bodies off the butterflies and use them as pretend binoculars though. Poor, poor butterflies. :). Thanks again for the inspiration.

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