Little Tikes Bouncy House – My Review

Having 3 young kids, I have gone through my share of great and not so great kid products. It’s great to find a toy or activity that keeps the kids entertained for more than a few minutes, one they can use together and can withstand the rough treatment my kids are likely to give it. Last summer, we bought a bouncy castle. We saw it on sale and just couldn’t resist. The one we bought is the Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer.  We use it in out basement most of the time but have also taken it outside for backyard fun.

First when we opened the box, I was impressed with how “heavy-duty” it seemed. Immediately we unrolled the bounce house and were excited to get it blown up.  Instructions were few and easy, with a touch of a button on the blower we had the bouncy house up in just a couple of minutes. The inflation time itself is maybe 30 seconds.

Since we have extreme changes in weather though out the year, the bouncy house lives in the basement.  It’s nice to have something for them to burn up their energy with inside when it’s too cold or too hot for them to be really active outside.   I was a bit worried that the blower would be crazy loud for indoor use and although it is not quiet, it is definitely tolerable, similar to a vacuum.

For outside use, the Jump ‘n Slide comes with pegs to anchor it into the ground to keep it stable. In the basement it is a bit unstable but this has never caused a problem for my kids.

The size is perfect for my kids. There is plenty of room for the 3 of them and when we have friends over, their kids go into as well without much problem. The slide is fun for my kids and it is easy enough for them to get in and out of. My youngest needs a wee boost to get in, but that is a minor issue.

When the bouncer is not in use, it comes with a storage/carry bag. It actually fits in easily and is a manageable weight to take with you to a friend’s house. It’s nice that it is so portable and a breeze to store when not in use.

The one thing that I could foresee as being a problem, is that the plastic could get quite hot if used on a very sunny day and not in shade.

My kids, 4.5yrs, (almost) 3 yr old and 18 month old all have space to jump and slide and it provides them with so much fun. Usually it’s me telling them it’s time to stop before they are bored with jumping.  It has been used countless of times and I am sure will be used for years to come. I love this product!

IMG_1889 IMG_1894 IMG_1892IMG_1890IMG_1895Whitby-20140217-00035Whitby-20140217-00037

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