Beat Of A Different Drum

After I get home from taking my 4-year-old to kindergarten, I try to get the kitchen back in order as I have no time in the morning rush to do it before we leave. I admit, this is when I rely on Elmo and the rest of the Sesame Street gang to entertain the other 2 kids for a bit while I try to make order out of the chaos. Today was different, Anna and Wesley decided I needed company and/or help in the kitchen. Sure they were great at the keeping company part but the helping part however was seriously lacking. It seemed like I was constantly telling them to stay out of the cupboards and drawers. As I was trying to clean up the kitchen after breakfast, they seemed to be having a ball taking everything they could out! Pots, pans, spoons, cutting boards… whatever they could get their little sneaky hands on. All of my attempts to stop it resulted in either them in tears (their poor little hearts broken that mommy wouldn’t let them get into mischief) or me getting hit with a wooden spoon! This was one battle I did not feeling like fighting so I gave in. Not only did I give in, I helped them out by reaching in and giving them bowls and spoons to play with.

They are drawn to these colourful bowls and really can you blame them? The are bright and look like enlarged versions of their play bowls! I put the lids on and it made the perfect make-shift drum set.  The drum sticks were wooden and plastic sundae spoons.   I popped in one of their favourite music cd’s and let them go to town!


It was so cute to see my 3-year-old singing and drumming with such focus on trying to keep a beat. She really got into the rhythm as she sang along to “ABC’s” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider”.  Wesley on the other hand just seemed overly excited to be smashing at things with permission!

IMG_3246-1 IMG_3247-1

I was impressed that they stuck to hitting the bowls and not each other. Sure it got a bit loud and i don’t know if i could take it everyday, but their giggles as they drummed kept the headache at bay.  However, if did reinforce my thoughts of never ever ever bringing an actual drum set into the house. 

IMG_3248-1 IMG_3239-1

Maybe I didn’t intentionally fight that battle, but I think I won it anyway.  They had fun and I my kitchen did eventually get put back together.

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