You’re Invited to a Frozen Party!


I am not too sure who likes the movie Frozen more, my children or me. I sing all the songs along with them, I braid their hair (and mine) like Elsa and Anna do and I know I totally feed into the frenzy that Frozen has become.  What can I say? I love it. I love Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Arendelle, fixer uppers, the magic, the snow, true love, Olaf, big summer blow-outs, valiant pungent reindeer kings, letting it go, frozen fractals all around and you get the idea. That being said, it was not hard for my now 5-year-old to convince to have a Disney’s Frozen themed birthday party for her in July.

I have never thrown a party for any of my children that weren’t just for family so this would be the first time there would be multiple little people with basically free range of my house for a few hours that weren’t my own, but honestly I was looking forward to it. Let me tell you, although the party was to celebrate Ella’s 5th birthday, I truly had so much fun planning this day for her. As Olaf would say, Some people are worth melting for, and in this case my kids are worth planning a party for.


I started planning my, I mean, Ella’s party several months the before date as I knew it might be tricky finding Frozen themed items and knew I might have to get creative. I am well aware that it’s not just my daughter that loves Elsa, Anna, Olaf and the whole Frozen gang so party supplies might be hard to come by.

If I was going to do this right then I needed Elsa right? I had heard great reviews about a local party business that has princess’ that strongly resemble many of my daughters’ favourites and I was in luck, the Snow Queen was free on the day of the party ! ‘Phew! Even if the rest of the party bombed, Elsa would be there and that in itself would probably make the party a success.

I have a very talented friend who makes cakes and I was lucky enough to have her create a beautiful and tasty one for the party. The fondant made it look so smooth and the figurines were the perfect touch! I will say it was also extremely tasty!


I set up  a candy table with blue, purple and pink candies, rice crispy squares with Frozen cut outs glued to lollipop sticks as toppers.

The decorations I kept fairly simple. My friend makes beautiful paper banners and she had made some snowflakes and Frozen one that I used on my mirror.  My Christmas snowflake stocking holders were also a great addition to the decorations and served as my balloon weights. The Frozen toys my kids have topped it off it was just enough to be the finishing touches.

IMG_20140724_165434 IMG_20140724_165509 IMG_20140724_165454 IMG_20140724_165447

I put together cute loot bags as a thank you to Ella’s guest for coming to her party.  I just used plastic bags I found in a discount deptaremnt store as the bag and tired them with plain purple ribbon. Once again, I have a talented friend who makes hair bows and she hooked me up with a variety of Frozen ones to add to the bag.  I found Frozen pencils, stickers and water bottles from different party stores and used a baggie topper on a plastic ziploc bag with smarties to finish it them off.

The invites, thank you cards, cupcake toppers and baggy toppers I found on Etsy and I was so pleased with how everything turned out!

My daughter and all her friends seemed to have such a fun time! They played dress up, had their make up done and sang “Let it Go” and “Wanna build a Snowman” with Elsa.  It turned out to be exactly the party I wanted to throw for my daughter.

I know many people have mixed feeling about birthday parties and the lengths that some people go to when hosting them. I just think what’s best is for parents need to figure how much energy they want to invest in it, what works within their budget and not compete with the other parents in the neighbourhood. The reality is most children will love a day when they are the guest of honour and their friends and family are there to celebrate with them whether it’s a big celebration with everyone you know or just a couple of people and a cupcake.

I can’t say this will be my last party but I am not sure I will do it all again next year, however I am so glad I did it this year. When it comes to Frozen, I will admit, I am not ready to let it go.


To all who made the party magical, thank you!

Snow Queen Princess: Princess Parties by Simone

Frozen Banner and Snowflakes : the super creative Crystal at Crystal’s Creative Occasions

Cake : the wonderfully talented Crystal Yuen at KuppyCakes  you can email her at

Hairbows (not pictured sorry but she has them on her Facebook page!) : talented Erica at Little Heartz

Invitations, thank you’s, cupcake toppers : Party Kit Studio 



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  1. I just saw this wonderful post you made while searching my company name on Google – Wow what a wonderful party you had and thank you for the kind words about my company and for sharing the link 🙂
    All the best to you

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