Snow Day!

We don’t get them very often, because let’s face it, snow is a part of a Canadian winter and we are generally equipped to deal with a big snow fall, but today I decided it was a snow day. And it wasn’t fully due to the amount of snow we had either…. Yes, there was a lot of snow, school busses were cancelled (but we walk most of the time anyway), but really I didn’t feel like shovelling, bundling and basically rushing though this morning.

I was starting feel slightly bad for my kids and the lack of snow this winter. Just the other day we were driving and there was some very minor flurries outside and my daughter was so excited she said “Mom, it’s a snow storm! We can play in the snow!” Sorry dear, this is not a snow storm. (Thank goodness!) Yep, her bubble was burst pretty quick and she said in the most pitiful yet dramatic voice, “I’ll never get to play in the snow.” I wish I had her ability to embrace winter and to be excited for all it has to offer. I really do wish I enjoyed winter more. The fact is winter isn’t going anywhere and I have no immediate plans of leaving either.

It has been a cold winter and let’s face it, cold with no snow isn’t much fun for kids. We really haven’t gotten much snow out my way this winter, that was at least until this morning.


Talk about excitement! My children couldn’t wait to play in the snow! They have been waiting for months to make a proper snow angel and to “help” shovel the drive. So although we still had to do the shovelling part and the bundling part I forget about the rushing part. Before the kids barely finished their cereal and before even getting out of their pyjamas they had their snow suits on. We bundled up and went out to play in the snow.

Sometimes I wish I skied or snowshoed or did anything that put some more fun into winter for me. But I realize that I have kids for that now. They have a zest for life that’s contagious. I could have easily hibernated away the day but that is not an option for the kiddies. So today we had a snow day and if the kids want to learn to ski then I’ll have that one day too.



We had a fun morning and although I am not going to wish for legit snow days , I will enjoy them when and if they come!

Stay warm!

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