Hot Air Balloon Craft

I was watching a show with my kids, let me rephrase that, my kids were playing Lego while I may or may not have been watching an episode of The Bachelor that I had recorded, in which the date involved a trip in a hot air balloon. My kids interest was piqued when they saw people getting a ride in a basket by a big colourful balloon. And of course, they wanted to know when they could go on a balloon ride. Since that’s not going to happen anytime soon, I thought we could make “hot air balloons” for their toys instead.

This craft is fun, easy and you probably already have the needed supplies on hand!


Paper plate
Tissue paper
Paper cup
String or ribbon
Plain paper
Stickers, markers, crayons
Stapler (optional)


Decorate the plates! We glued tissue paper to the plates but really the kids can decorate with anything really!




Cut some paper the same height as the cup and decorate that too! Wrap the paper around the cup and attach. I found glue wasn’t working that great for me so I pulled out my stapler.




Attach ribbon or string to cup and plate, again I used the stapler , but glue or punching a hole and tying a knot would be great alternate methods.


That’s it! So cute and the kids loved having little toys “ride” in the baskets.




So until we get to go up in a real hot air balloon, and hopefully one day we do, this craft seemed to do the trick for now!
Hope your kids enjoy making one too!


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