Lunch, Tea and a Treat

When you have multiple kids, it’s not always easy take the time to change up the routine of everyday. Although, routine is easy, I find that my kids absolutely love when we take a break from it and they get go to “special” places with me. Taking them out on little dates is a great way to explore your city, try new things and hopefully uncover hidden gems that you will return to over and over again.

Today, I was lucky enough to uncover one such gem.

The amazing smell of fresh baked goods, a beautiful display case of cupcakes and an impressive selection of loose leaf teas is what you will find when you walk into Kake Kreations in downtown Whitby.



At first I thought I was going to go have a tea and share a cupcake or two with Wesley, but when I saw the cafe menu a decision was made to make this a lunch date instead.  I invited a friend to join me, figured it was a good way to try more treats and although I love little dates with just my kids, adult interaction on a social level is always appreciated.

We enjoyed a Turkey on fresh cheese petit pain, Egg Salad on fresh whole wheat petit pain both served with kettle chips and veggies with dip.  Like I mentioned, the loose leaf tea list is impressive, but we narrowed it down to Georgia Peach Rooibos and Ice Wine Black Tea to enjoy with our lunch. The sandwiches were fresh, generous in size and after a few bites I knew that more then a few lunches in the future where going to be eaten here.



Now, you can’t go to a place called Kake Kreations and not have something indulgent. Wesley had his eye on the chocolate chip cookies and I had my eye on every cupcake on display, but after a few minutes of gazing at them I chose the Salted Caramel cupcake.

Firstly, the cupcakes are beautiful, which added to the tough decisions of just choosing one. A swirl of icing and flavour appropriate decorations act as crown perfectly on top of the cakes.  My salted caramel cupcake had a smooth and creamy icing that was not too sweet which allowed for the caramel filling to really shine. The cake itself has dense without being heavy and the freshness was obvious. A few of these cake babies came home with me, I couldn’t not let the rest of the family share in the cupcake goodness that I had experienced.



Karey, the owner, not only offers a yummy cafe menu, teas and wonderful treats, she also has a catering menu and has an impressive portfolio of personalized cakes for every occasion.

Check out Kake Kreations online or better yet go in an try something! You won’t be  disappointed. As for me, I think I will make this spot a special place to take my kids for mommy and me lunches or to have a relaxing cuppa with friends.

Cupcakes are always a good idea!

Be Well, Elizabeth



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