A Thank You To My Children’s Dad

I could write a love note or whisper it in his ear but instead I am going publicly write about and declare my gratitude to the guy who supplied half of my kids’ DNA. I am a lucky one. Not only lucky, but thankful to have found a partner who is not only a great  husband but an all in, fully involved, hands on dad. Part of this might be because he no choice but to be due to my shift work but even if I worked the 9-5 role this post would read the same. He really loves being a dad and it shows. For that I am so thankful.

This post is for him, but also so for all those dads doing their best, learning as you go, making mistakes and being a great parent.

Despite that projectile poop accident when our oldest was only a couple months old and you got a very real encounter with the messiness of parenthood. It may have been the first time we both laughed hysterically over poop and realized that life with babies really is a lot like how it shown in sitcoms. Thank you for rarely backing away from a poopy, barfy or snotty situation.  I know you hate it, I mean no one likes it, but you are there, often on your own, with baby wipes in one hand and disinfectant wipes in the other just dealing with it. No “mom” supervision required.

You are great at crowd control! The best way you do this is when you take the kids camping without me when I have to work. You have discovered on your own, that letting kids go crazy in wilderness is a lot easier then keeping them home trying to control their unbridled spirit. The kids get to explore! They discover amazing rocks and sticks and use their imagination to make fantasy worlds in the forest. I know our 3 kids have energy to spare and you do an amazing job of having them use it up at the beach and on hikes instead of fighting over toys and drawing on the walls. The fresh air is good for them and the muddy finger nails aren’t going to hurt them. You have given our wild things so many memories made in the great outdoors and soon you’ll be able to compete with me for “the best roasted marshmallow” but we will have to let the kids be the judge of that.

You make a mean grilled cheese and your pasta is pretty good too. You know perfect ratio of Cheerios to Fruit Loops in the morning  and how the kids like their strawberries sliced. It’s not fun feeling like a short order cook in your own home, I know, but you do a great job of making sure the kids have full bellies.

You heal booboos with your own special kisses and apply band aids just right. You wash hair with extra special care not to get even a single drop of water in the kids’ eyes and do breath checks after the kids brush their teeth. Even if you’re making up have the words you can singalong with Elsa, Anna, Arial and Belle with the best of them. Your tracks for Thomas and friends are good as I make and are way less upset when our personal Godzilla destroys it and he wants it built again.

This is by no means is an exhaustive list of all the things you do for our kids on your own when I am not around. I haven’t even touched on lunches out (when kids eat free!),ballet, girl guides, soccer, swimming, etc…but when the kids tell you that you are “the beatest dad in the whole world times a google” they are spot on. I joke that dad’s get much more praise when they take on tasks that are normally seen as “mom jobs”, when moms just get it done. I know you aren’t looking for special recognition for being a great dad, but I think you deserve it, just like all moms and dads out there doing their best.

Parenting is hard, but I am glad I’m not alone on this ride. I want to say thanks for being a great co-parent.  I am continually looking forward to our next adventure together.

It feel good to be appreciated, and I hope, whoever is reading this, knows that they are doing a great job too.


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