A Girl and Her Toque. 

Do your kids have a favourite clothing item? Y’know the one they just do not want to take off. The one they cannot seem to live without. Maybe it’s a dress or tutu. Perhaps a pair of shoes or favourite t-shirt or pair of socks. For my daughter Ella, it is her toque.
Side note, I should let the non-Canadian readers know, that up here we call our knit winter hats toques. There is a “real” definition of toque that has to do with a brimless French hat or something chefs wear, but in Canada, when the weather gets colder we put our toques on.
Back to Ella’s toque. This is not just any old toque. It is bright pink with a giant white pompom on top. You can’t miss her when it’s on. Which, if there is a real positive to this situation, it’s at school pick up. The white pompom comes bouncing out the door and we know it’s her. We did have a scare about a month ago, when it was lost for a couple days and then was reunited with Ella when it was discovered in at the school lost and found. Perhaps those few days without the toque is what started this obsession. She wants to make sure she never loses it again, and really, there is no better way to ensure its safety then by wearing it. All.the.time.
She puts it on when she wakes. Leaves it on when she is getting dressed. Takes it off briefly to brush her hair and then back on it goes. If it’s a weekend, the toque is on her head from the time she wakes up until bath time or bed time. And weekdays? Well, I am pretty sure she takes it off during class, but I honestly, can’t be certain about that. At girl guides? Yep, it stays on there too. Getting her face painted at a community event? You got it, it stays on. It’s an understatement to say she loves this hat.


The other day, my husband told Ella that she needs to take the toque off to let her “head breathe”. Seriously, for her head to breathe. He said she will become like all those men that wear ball caps all the time and are now bald. For the record, I am 99% sure that my husband has no scientific proof to back up his statement, but I went along with him anyway. Mostly because I really like to see her without the toque on but also because it could be true I guess. I could google it to be sure, and it’s not like she has wrapped her head in plastic wrap and her scalp is going to get all strange and clammy like when you leave a Band-Aid on too long, but it can’t be a bad thing to “let it breathe” right?
It could be worse. It could be the same pair of socks. I would be carefully pulling them off her feet while she slept, washing them nightly and having them ready the next day to prevent a meltdown. Sure it could be easily solved with multiple pairs of the same socks I guess. Bad example. What about a sundress or tutu? This would be tricky 9 months of the year here. Layering thermals under the dress wouldn’t be very cute or practical.
Now that I have been thinking about it more, I am completely ok with the toque. Her head is warm, I can spot her in a crowd and seriously, I am sure her head can breathe just fine through the knit hat. In fact, I really like this this toque.

Stay warm!


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