A Good(berry) afternoon school special

The first time I went to The Goodberry, when it had only been open for a couple days, I knew that it would quickly become a local and personal favourite. A bright clean modern space with rustic appeal, trendy Edison light bulb fixtures, reclaimed wood tables and chalkboard menus, The Goodberry offers a relaxing and warm atmosphere to enjoy a date. I was lucky enough to be on after school date with my darling 4yr old daughter.

Although I have been to The Goodberry before, it was the first visit for my daughter. We were greeted by friendly staff as soon as we entered and the initial thing my daughter spotted was the glass tea pot set up so people could taste the featured tea, today is was Sweet Romance Rooibos. She just thought this was the best, especially how “cute” the taster cups were. I love how the simple things can be so fabulous to kids. The attention to the sample area ended abruptly once she spotted the frozen yogurt machines.

With 6 frozen yogurt choices, there is something for everyone, including a dairy free option sorbet. We decided on strawberry and chocolate froyo, with just a little pineapple sorbet on top. It is pay by weight, which is done after you choose some tasty toppings. I appreciate the heathy options like fresh fruit, but I allowed my daughter to indulge and primarily stick to gummies and sprinkles!

My daughter was taken care of and over the moon with her treat, I decided to get something for myself as well. I got a Belgian Chocolate tea, which is one of the 24 loose leaf teas available and a Nutella toffee nut shortbread sandwich cookie. Unfortunately a gummy worm had the misfortune of ending up on the floor, but my daughter’s sadness was quickly turned around when of the staff allowed her to get a replacement. Once again, it was small thing that really made my daughter happy.

Our spot by the window was a great place for my daughter and I to have our own special time without the distractions of my other kids. I learned she was read a story in class, which of course she forgot the name of, she played with her friends at recess, not surprisingly she couldn’t remember what she played, and that she generally had a really good day at school. The conversation may not have been deep by adult standards but I learned more about her day then I typically do. She loved being the centre of my attention, and really that’s what these dates I go on with my kids is all about.

Aside from frozen yogurt, tea and cookies, The Goodberry has paninis, coffees, smoothies and soups. Definitely a place you can go for a meal. What makes The Goodberry extra special is that the treats are locally sourced. Although the baked goods and sandwiches are not freshly made on site, they are made by a local woman and delivered fresh to the store and the dairy for the froyo is direct from Ontario family owned.

Find someone special, I recommend an important child, but anyone will do, and go enjoy a wonderful experience at The Goodberry. As the sign says, My Goodness they are good!


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