Paper Roll Butterfly

I have made butterfly crafts with my kids before and we love to make things out of toilet paper rolls and boxes, so for this craft we combined our affinity for butterflies and reusing paper rolls. All you need heavy paper paper roll pipe cleaner marker or pen glue clothes pin (optional) How to do … More Paper Roll Butterfly

A craft based on the book: The Biggest Valentine Ever

Another Valentine’s day craft!  My girls love pink and red, hearts and roses and let’s not forget the chocolate! So this holiday really is perfect for making crafts with little girls (and of course boys too)! I recently ordered a Valentine’s day book, The Biggest Valentine Ever written by Steven Kroll, from my daughter’s Scholastic … More A craft based on the book: The Biggest Valentine Ever

Plastic Egg Games

Hard to believe that another Easter weekend has come and gone! The eggs have been found and almost all the chocolate eaten, I admit mostly by me and hopefully spring will show up and stick around for a while. While we are waiting for nice enough weather to spend most of our days outside, I … More Plastic Egg Games

Springtime craft

I am not sure about at your house, but around here we are ready for spring! So I thought I would do a craft with the kids that would hopefully hurry spring along, or at the least make a bit of spring for ourselves. Although my children are close in age, they have very different … More Springtime craft